OMG you're so lucky! You got an LV bag AND an iPad?! Man, my parents would never do that for me, lol! Congrats! The bag is good looking. Louis Vuitton Purses


Louis Vuitton Purses I love the mono, and you don't have to worry about it showing dirt etc.


ohhhh i hope they do! Louis Vuitton Damier

,If I was going to get a NF i'd get a Mon Mono! LV,Wow! I love everything you got and your collection! Congrats! LV,

great pics, thanks for sharing!!! Louis Vuitton bags


Most of the speedys have been copied, so I wouldn't be affected by that in making my purchase decision. Since you have damier, azur and mono bags you should kinda know how they wear. Go for ebene if you really want a fuss-free, all-weather workhorse. Or mono if you prefer a more iconic style. Both are great. LV


Louis Vuitton Speedy U can consider a valet key holder. It has a valet loop and a regular loop.


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